"We'll take care of that" - The Bagel Day Club

"We'll take care of that" - The Bagel Day Club

When I was a kid there were two sounds that meant my dad was home from work.

The first was the wirrrrr of his little grey Volkswagon Jetta zipping up our winding gravel driveway in reverse. 

The second was the spinning and chopping of him outside in a checkered button down shirt and work jeans, proudly at the helm of his manual reel-push mower, on our hilly 1/3 acre of lawn.

My Dad was a typical work-a-holic, and he went to work for at least a couple hours every day of the week. In the summer months, he would go outside and mow the lawn every evening.

You'd think that perfect lawn care would have been passed down to his daughters just like the obsession to work 7 days a week (which I did get). But unfortunately...

I am missing the lawn care gene.

These days I live in a typical suburban neighborhood. Lucky for me the neighbors are laid back, and on any given day the lawns will appear at various stages from freshly cut to needing some attention.

And then there's my lawn. Always the last to get cut. 

For one thing, I love the look of field-like grasses, especially in spring when all the wild flowers sprout up. I remember when my kids used to make bouquets for me out of lawn flowers with 1-inch stems, and I hate to cut it all down. 

But since we don't like to be a breeding ground for post rain mosquito infestations... eventually we make the time to mow.

As the summer goes on, and kids, and work, and travel gets us all busier than usual, my husband and I often let the lawn grow until I'm sure the neighbors are grumbling.

It's a must do at the end of an already physically tiring day, but it's never a top priority.

When I lived in the city, and my lawn grasses got a little long, there would always be some stranger knocking on my door for an extra $15 to mow our postage stamp lawn.

In the suburbs, we don't get those kind of knocks.

But if someone did come up to me on a day after the rain and sun made the freshly mown grass sprout up like chia pet grass in the commercials (WAY TOO FAST)... and said,

"I'll mow your lawn right now for $50."

I'd hand over the lawn mower, the weed trimmer and my first born child. And I'd tip them on top of it.

At Bagel Grove we're kind of like the guy showing up with his lawn mower, ready to take your impossible-to-fit-into-the-day (but still on your wishlist) thing you need to get done to make everyone happy... and get it done for you.

Except with bagels

We know how much you love Bagel Grove bagels. Like my dad with his nightly lawn mowing, maybe you grew up in a family where good water-boiled bagels were always on the breakfast table.

But we also know that making an extra stop on your busy weekend... especially when we only open in the mornings! Isn't always at the top of your priorities.

Sometimes bagels from the grocery store, or, GASP, no bagels at all, are all there's time for.

That's precisely why we created the Bagel Grove subscription. We want to give you freshly baked, hand-made, authentic, amazing bagels, and deliver them automatically to your front door. 

Our new improved website is going to make subscribing, scheduling, pausing, updating, and customizing your bagel order easier than ever.

I'll take delivering bagels to you, over mowing my lawn, ANY DAY.

Check out all the details or shoot me an email if you have questions.

Here's to getting your lawn bageled and your bagels mowed!


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