Change (s) in the air

Change (s) in the air

No matter how many times I circle round the sun… I feel a little differently about spring each year.

(I think the March weather is responsible)

I remember a year where I sat bundled up on the front porch at my girlfriend’s house watching the days get longer… and we confided that we weren’t ready for winter to end, for life to speed up. 

So much more is expected of us in the warmer months.

It might sound crazy for a non-skier, Upstate New Yorker to wish away the onset of spring, but sometimes I’m just not ready for things to change.

I finally settle into dark afternoons, sort out my winter wardrobe, find a pace that feels right, and suddenly, POOF! It’s time to re-arrange.

But this year… I’m done with cold, done with dark.  I’m welcoming spring with expectation, even she fights us like a hormonal teenager… I feel my bones aching to thaw, the deep warm sun whispering of picnics by the creek, wispy clothing, and a return to…

… there, I’m gonna say it…


Or some workable version of it.

We can’t go back to the way things were, especially at our shop, because too much has shifted and morphed.

But we can… with the welcome of spring… bring back the yummiest parts.

Starting this week, we’re extending our weekday hours until noon, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

And since we’re opening up into the lunch hour…

We’ve brought back a couple of our favorite lunch sandwiches, and even created a new one!

Weather (pun intended) you’re ready and running into spring this year…

Or still hibernating and willing away hints of frenzy and full schedules.

A taste of our new Tuna Club and the Classic Deli Turkey or Ham and Cheese,

(Especially if you eat it on our porch, in the sun, for a work-week luncheon)

should help you welcome spring’s changes and new normals.

Can’t wait to share the changes with you!
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