A Little Tale of a Little Library

A Little Tale of a Little Library

If you’ve been to the Bagel Grove lately… you’ll have noticed we’re currently under construction.

Even if you haven’t been in since, I dunno, the middle of 2020, you’ll have noticed some changes in our layout.

Most notably… we don’t have indoor dining anymore.

Actually we DO have something new planned for the old dining room, hence the aforementioned construction. I’m gonna leave the plans for that new space as a surprise for later…

But anyway, I have put something new in our customer waiting area, and I’d like to formerly announce this to you here, now.

First a little back story…

My daughter has recently turned 14, which even though 13 is the technical year one becomes a teenager, I believe that age is still firmly in the “tween” category, and 14 is when things get a bit more serious.

For my daughter, this meant, for one, an update to her bedroom. She wants to get rid of the turquoise and purple walls. We’re in the midst of painting them a lovely color called “warm sand” (also known as tan… ). Her room redo also included cleaning out her book shelf.

For a couple days I had a box in our hallway of elementary aged books and some craft kits that she no longer wants… And after staring at them every time I went up or down the stairs…

I got the idea!

Have you ever seen one of those little “free libraries” that are sometimes found in parks, on city streets, and in this case…

Inside Bagel Grove’s waiting area.

Our little free library currently features lots of YA fiction, picture books, craft books and a couple aforementioned crafting kits. But the idea is, you take a book or you give one… all for free!

So while you’re waiting for the unveiling of our new space… or for your bagel toasted with cream cheese… or your’e stopping off to pick up an online order, pop over and check out this little gem… who knows, your next cozy Sunday evening partner could be waiting in there for you!

And last before I go, I must tell you that my family (said teenager, plus her two brothers and my husband), are taking off for the week of February break so the Bagel Grove will be closed February 21- March 1. 

Place your bagel orders now so you have something good to eat when the kids are out of school!

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